108 Pipe Repair Tape for Emergency Pipe Wrapping Repairs

108 Pipe Repair Tape is a water activated pipe repair bandage ideal for emergency repairs to leaking pipework. The bandage once activated can be used to seal pipework ranging from 3/8″-18″ (10mm to 450mm) diameter.

PES 108 Repair Tape

What Maintenance Manager, Supervisor, Foreman, or Technician hasn’t had a pipe leak happen 30 minutes before quitting time on a Friday of a 3 day weekend, the day before a holiday, or a deep freeze in Texas, where there was a shortage on piping and repair parts were hard to find? Did you know you have an option? It is PES 108 Repair Tape. PES 108 Repair Tape is a fast setting water activated urethane resin, encompassed on a fiber glass matting and used with or without PES 103 Steel Reinforced Epoxy Stick.

Although some might feel this is just a temporary repair, it’s not. The materials are constructed with fiberglass reinforcing fabric and polyurethane resins, both of which can withstand stresses and corrosion which contribute to most pipe leaks, better than conventional piping. With this said, if you choose to make a conventional repair by replacing, PES can give you the power to make this repair during a scheduled repair without rushing new parts in, or paying overtime. Both of these Polymeric Engineered Solutions products are resistant to a wide variety of inorganic acids, alkalis, salts and organic media. For more detailed information refer to PES Technical Data Sheets:

PES 108 Pipe Repair Tape comes in many different sizes 2″ x 6′, 2″ x 12′, 3″ x 12′, 4″ x 12′, and 4″ x 30′ for larger piping 8″ and above. (4″ x 30′ should be applied using 2 or more people.)

108 Pipe Repair Tape features the following:

  • Solvent free polyurethane technology
  • Fast curing—Touch dry 30 minutes
  • Suitable for metallic, GRP & plastic surfaces
  • No shrinkage
  • Up to 218psi pressure resistance once cured
  • Resists 250°F operating temperatures

108 Pipe Repair Tape should be soaked-in water prior to being applied. Once saturated with water the tape can be wrapped around pipe surfaces to seal leaks caused by corrosion and erosion.

A chemical process line had started to leak due to a hole forming in the pipe wall, the surface was mechanically abraded and 108 Pipe Repair Tape wrapped around the pipe work to a minimum thickness of 1/2″ (12mm) over the repair area.

Quick Application Guide – High pressure repairs up to 218psi/15bar

  • Water activated pipe repair tape
  • 250°F (120°C) temperature resistance
  • Rapid curing full cured in 30 minutes

Cure Times

At 68°F (20°C) the product will have the following cure times:

  • Usable Life – 3mins
  • Full Cure – 30mins

Where the maximum over-coating time is exceeded, the material should be abraded to remove surface contamination.

Surface Preparation

Mechanical preparation using handheld grinders with coarse pads


  1. All oil and grease must be removed from the surface using an appropriate cleaner such as MEK.
  2. All surfaces must be cleaned using handheld mechanical grinders with a coarse pad.
  3. Once abraded, the surface must be degreased and cleaned using MEK or similar type material.
Pipe Diameter Pressure Operating Temperature Repair Width Bandage Size Wraps Minimum cured bandage thickness
1/2″/ 12.5mm 218psi/ 15bar 250°F 2″/ 50mm 2″ x 6ft/ 50mm x 1.8mtr 25 0.59″/15mm
1″/ 25mm 218psi/ 15bar 250°F 2″/ 50mm 2″ x 6ft/ 50mm x 1.8mtr 25 0.59″/15mm
2″/ 50mm 218psi/ 15bar 250°F 2″/ 50mm 2 of 2″ x 12ft/ 50mm x 3.6mtr 25 0.59″/15mm
3″/ 75mm 218psi/ 15bar 250°F 3″/ 75mm 3″ x 12ft/ 75mm x 3.6mtr 25 0.59″/15mm
4″/ 100mm 218psi/ 15bar 250°F 4″/ 100mm 2 of 4″ x 12ft/ 100mm x 3.6mtr 25 0.59″/15mm
5″/ 125mm 218psi/ 15bar 250°F 4″/ 100mm 2 of 4″ x 12ft/ 100mm x 3.6mtr 25 0.59″/15mm
6″/ 150mm 218psi/ 15bar 250°F 5″/ 125mm 3 of 4″ x 12ft/ 100mm x 3.6mtr 25 0.59″/15mm
8″/ 200mm 218psi/ 15bar 250°F 6″/ 150mm 4 of 4″ x 12ft/ 100mm x 3.6mtr 25 0.59″/15mm
10″/ 250mm 218psi/ 15bar 250°F 7″/ 175mm 6 of 4″ x 12ft/ 100mm x 3.6mtr 25 0.59″/15mm
12″/ 300mm 218psi/ 15bar 250°F 8″/ 200mm 3 of 4″x30ft / 100mm x 9.1mtr 25 0.59″/15mm
14″/ 350mm 218psi/ 15bar 250°F 8″/ 200mm 4 of 4″x30ft / 100mm x 9.1mtr 25 0.59″/15mm
16″/ 400mm 218psi/ 15bar 250°F 9″/ 225mm 4 of 4″x30ft / 100mm x 9.1mtr 25 0.59″/15mm
18″/ 450mm 218psi/ 15bar 250°F 9″/ 225mm 5 of 4″x30ft / 100mm x 9.1mtr 25 0.59″/15mm

Mixing and Application

Step 1

Ensure you have 1 x foil, wrapped 108 pipe repair tape, 1 x tub of water, 1 x pair of gloves.

Step 2

Take the bandage out of the Foil wrap.

Step 3

Place the bandage in a tub of clean water and squeeze 2 or 3 times and for around 5 seconds.

Step 4

Wrap the tape around the damaged pipe surface. Wrap the tape as tightly as possible. Keep the bandage wet.

Step 5

Once the resin starts to foam, wet your hands and massage the surface of the bandage until you have a fully cured white resin mix on the surface of the pipe.


Plant Equipment & Services is the Master Distributor for all Polymeric Engineered Solutions products (PES). For more information on our 108 Pipe Repair Tape contact us with the link below!

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