Chemical Attack Concrete Repair for Cooling Tower

Cooling Tower Repair

Our team here at PES recently performed a cooling tower repair that was caused by a chemical attack on the concrete structure. We will discuss our process and products we can use to repair chemical attacks on cooling towers.

Cooling Tower Repair Services with PES

A chemical attack occurred on the concrete structure while the maintenance personnel of this power plant was adding 93% Sulfuric Acid to the water in the cold water basin to aid in the control of water PH. Therefore, we provided the following services and PES coatings to resolve this issue.

PES-CHEM 505 Damp Seal for Concrete Repair

Cooling Tower Repair

Column surface cleaned by abrasive blasting. Structure was primed with PES-CHEM 505 Damp Seal.

PES prepared the damaged area by abrasive blasting all loosely adhered concrete and opening pores. PES-CHEM 505 Damp Seal is an epoxy resin based, solvent free thin film primer, which is specifically developed for use on green and damp surfaces.

On curing, this product consolidates the substrate which helps to improve adhesion during application of other coating or concrete repair systems.

PES-CHEM 574 for Cooling Tower Repair

Cooling Tower Repair

PES-CHEM 574 comes in a 5 or 15 kg kit. The kit consists of 504 primer, resins and specially blended aggregate (505 primer can be ordered as an option). The 5 kg kit will repair 4 sq. ft at ¼ in. and 15 kg kit will repair 12 sq. ft at ¼ in.  The materials are mixed in shipping bucket.

After 30-45 minutes, PES-CHEM 505 Damp Seal had cured to the point where we could then add the heavy duty polymer resin and aggregate system from our PES-CHEM 574 kit. This is used to repair and protect concrete and other stonework damaged by chemical, impact, vibration or other mechanical abuse. The mixed PES 574 was applied to the primed area by float or trowel. The material was spread in depths up to ¾ in. firmly and evenly onto the surface and then smoothed over with a steel trowel or float. PES-CHEM 574 itself is resistant to all types of chemicals, including the following:

  • 50% Sulfuric Acid
  • 40% Sodium Hydroxide
  • Oils
  • Other Hydrocarbons
Cooling Tower Repair

PES-CHEM 574 allows for easy application to a vertical surface at thickness of ¾ in.

PES-CHEM 511 UCEN Coating for More Protection

Cooling Tower Repair

After 30-40 minutes at 68°F and before 6 hours have passed, you can add additional layers of PES-CHEM 574 without any additional surface prep. Material will require sanding and re-priming.

We also use PES-CHEM 511 UCEN as a 2-coat system to give further protection. This product is a high build solvent-free epoxy novalac coating, which provides outstanding chemical and corrosion protection of steel and concrete structures. The coating is particularly resistant to attack by strong acids including the following:

  • Inorganic Acids 98% sulfuric acid
  • Hydrochloric 36%
  • Nitric 10%
  • Organic Acids
  • Alkalis
  • Alcohols
  • Amines
  • Aliphatic Hydrocarbons
  • Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Cooling Tower Repair

We can use PES-CHEM 574 to top coat for more chemical protection within 30-45 minutes at 68°F and before 6 hours have passed.

Cooling Tower Repair

Power plant was adding 93% sulfuric acid to cooling tower water to balance out PH, so we provided application of PES-CHEM 511 UCEN to protect this area where there are additional chemicals.



We can easily apply PES-CHEM 511 UCEN at a thickness of 20 mils with a brush or roller. We can also spray 40 mils in a single coat.


Here at PES, we design our products to offer repair and protection solutions to many industrial maintenance problems, including cooling towers. Contact us with the link below for more information on our products!

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