FAQs: Stop It® Pipe Repair System

Pipe Repair

What is the Stop It® Pipe Repair System?

The Stop It® Pipe Repair System repairs the cracks and leaks in many metals and plastic pipes such as Carbon steel, aluminum, galvanized; PVC, CPVC, PVDF, stainless, polyethylene, polypropylene and fiberglass pipes. It also reinforces the joints and forms an anti-corrosion coating. The Stop It® Pipe Repair Tape is a fiberglass tape coated with special urethane resins that activated by water. This system can be applied fast with no tools or hot work and it completely repairs in 30 minutes. It is a fiberglass taped coated with polyurethane resins that with the immersion of water are activated. After being activated, the Stop It® Tape will change from a “wet” adhesive tape to a hard “urethane plastic.”

Where is It Used?

The Stop It® Pipe Repair System can be used anywhere there is a pipe or rigid hose. Many maintenance personnel from chemical industries to military and marine operations have all used Stop It®.

What Types of Repairs Can Be Made With the Stop It® Pipe Repair System?

It is used to prepare chemical lines, steam lines, process lines and water lines. Most chemicals that are compatible with epoxy are okay to use it on.

Is Stop It® Difficult to Apply?

Compared to most adhesive and epoxy products, Stop It® is much easier to use because there is no mixing involved. After using water activate the resins, wrap the fiberglass material around the leak site and polish until it forms a smooth, hard cap. The key is to quickly apply the roll by pulling it tight around the leak.

Does Temperature Affect the Stop It® Set-Time?

Yes. It is extremely sensitive to temperature. Before using Stop It® in a hot environment, you can slow down the resins’ set-time by immersing the unopened pouch in a cool bath of water. Equally, in a cold environment, using something with heat will speed up the set-time, such as a heat gun or some other source of warmth. Under normal conditions, Stop It® is completely cured in 30 minutes.

What is the Shelf Life of Stop It®?

The shelf life of Stop It® is two years from the purchase date.

What Makes Stop It® So Effective?

Stop It®’s conformability makes it extremely effective for repairing leaks at joints, crosses, tees or any other location. The knitted fiberglass allows it to be maneuvered as it is being applied. The mechanics involved in the tight wrapping of the product allows Stop It® to bond more effectively. These adhesive properties allow it to form a successful repair on hard-to-stick pipe surfaces. Stop It®’s heavy resin load allows it to finish out to create a strong, homogenous repair.

Is Stop It® Repair Permanent?

The Stop It® could be considered permanent if the repair site is kept within the pressure and temperature limits. It can be buried underground or remain under water. The maintenance procedure polices can also affect whether or not the repair is permanent.

Is Stop It® Affected by Exposure to UV?

When exposed to UV, Stop It® will slowly turn brown. This change in color does not affect the repair itself and does not penetrate past the surface of the cap. By lightly sanding the Stop It® the brown color can be circumvented after it has cured. In its black form, Stop It® has shown no signs of discoloration after two years in direct sun.


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