Ideal Environments and Industries for PES Non-Skid and Anti-Slip Coatings

PES Non-Skid and Anti-Slip Coatings

PES Non-Skid and Anti-Slip Coatings are great for a variety of environments and industries. These are just a few of the many that PES coatings are tough enough for.

Marine and Industrial Environments Benefit from PES Non-Skid and Anti-Slip Coatings

marine and industrial environments coatingsThe Department of the Navy approved our PES-Navy G Non-Skid after passing the extreme wear-and tear tests on the George W. Bush aircraft carrier for over 12 months. PES-Navy G Non-Skid is a rugged two-component low VOC deck coating engineered to provide Non-Skid coating to weather, flight and hangar decks of U.S. Naval vessels.

PES Non-Skid and Anti-Slip Coatings are Great for Sports Stadium Stairs, Landings and Walkways

sports stadium stairsEvery year there are lawsuits involving a slip and fall during a sporting venue due to negligence. Polymeric Engineered Solutions Products Anti-Slip Coatings provide a measure of safety to fans whether they are climbing stairs or walking through eating areas or restrooms where a wet condition exists. The use of Anti-Slip Coatings help to ensure a fun afternoon, and doesn’t turn to a painful and expensive injury due to negligence.

Helicopter Landing Pad also Utilize PES Non-Skid and Anti-Slip Coatings

helicopter landing pads coatingsA slip and fall on a helicopter landing pad can cause a serious injury, a skidding helicopter can prove to be disastrous. PES Products Non-Skid Coatings provide an unparalleled degree of safety by keeping both tires and feet firmly planted on the pad surface.

Water and Theme Parks are Common Place
to See PES Non-Skid and Anti-Slip Coatings

water and fun parks coatingsWith over 1,000 waterparks in North American entertaining over 70 million people a year, a slip and fall can have devastating consequences to owners. PES Products Anti-Slip Coating offers a measurable degree of safety for visitors year after year and provides a degree of liability insurance against potential lawsuits. These are just a few of the many industries we have provided our PES coatings for. If you are searching for industrial anti-slip floor and deck coatings for your industry, PES-Solutions has you covered! Contact us with the link below for more information or purchase your coating today!


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