PES-104: Sealing Transformer Radiator Fin Leaks


As the days go on, you drive to work, repeat your schedule. You go into work, leave and go home, only to repeat. The thing is though, when you are at work the next day you notice that there is no power to your building, something that is uncommon in your routine. Far off in the distance, a transformer is short circuiting and due to its discrete location people are unaware until someone can let the city know. The issue here is that transformers are crucial to keeping your power on, if anything happens to them you could have a rough day at the office, and you have to wait for them to be fixed. This is why our Epoxy PES-104 is amazing for, with this epoxy we can prevent these days from happening if regular maintenance is used on Transformers with leaking issues to prevent them from shorting out.

Problem Cause


Transformers, devices that are very prone to leaking, are purposed for reducing or increasing the voltage of an alternating current. These devices get very hot without the proper cooling, so there are radiator fins on the sides of these machines to help keep things cool. Cork gaskets in the radiator fins keep the fluid inside, but when these gaskets degrade, or a hole forms in the fin or the steel reservoir, a leak can form. These leaks can be minimal in nature, but over time the leak can get worse and worse, eventually you can have an extreme chance of a short circuit or environmental damage from the mineral oil that is used to keep everything running cool. Another thing is that these fins are very thin to aid heat transfer, the downside of this is that internal corrosion due to water ingress and separation or external environmental corrosion can quickly penetrate and spill the oil.

Simple As That

Most fixes that people commit to attempt to solve these problems of leakage is to weld the leaks shut. Bad thing about this is that to do that, the transformer must be taken offline and have its coolant drained. This process is very time consuming and might inconvenience the customers and is quite costly. But what if I told you there was another way that is as simple as pie? Well, there is. If you use our epoxy, PES-104, to fix these sorts of problems then you can be cleared of the task in hours instead of days, and can save loads of money. Rather then weld the leaking spots together, you can degrease them and slap on our epoxy, and within 45 minutes the product will be hardened and cured and you are good to go. Simple as that. Here at PES we work for solutions to every day mechanical problems, and our products guarantee satisfaction.

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  1. Pradeep says:

    Epoxy, PES-104 does a great job!! Transformer leakage is something that should be prevented at the earliest to avoid any big hazards.

  2. Rosh Edwardd says:

    Thanks for sharing the information. That’s a awesome article you posted. I found the post very useful as well as interesting. I will come back to read some more.

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