PES 108 Pipe Repair Tape – Product Specification

PES 108 Pipe Repair Tape is a high performance rapid curing moisture activated repair bandage, specifically developed for the repair of leaking pipes, which is activated by immersion in water.

PES 108 Pipe Repair Tape – Product Specification

Typical applications

Seal leaking pipes up to 18″ (450mm) diameter



Single component
Fabric impregnated with resins

Solids content


Cure Times

The applied material should be allowed to harden for the times indicated below before being subjected to the conditions indicated:

Usable life
  • 50°F (10°C), 6 minutes
  • 68°F (20°C), 3 minutes
  • 86°F (30°C), 90 seconds
  • 104°F (40°C) 45 seconds
Full Cure
  • 50°F (10°C), 1 hour
  • 68°F (20°C), 30 minutes
  • 86°F (30°C), 15 minutes
  • 104°F (40°C), 7.5 minutes

Storage Life

2 year if unopened and stored in normal dry conditions 59-86°F (15-30°C).

Mechanical Properties


Tensile Shear to ASTM D1002 on abrasive blasted mild steel with 3 mil (75 micron) profile 2755psi (194kg/cm²)

Pull off Adhesion to ASTM D4541 on abrasive blasted mild steel with 3 mil (75 micron) profile 2000psi (140kg/cm²)

Corrosion Resistance

Tested to ASTM B117
Minimum 1000 hours

Flexural Strength

Tested to ASTM D790
4640psi (326kg/cm²)


Shore D to ASTM D785

Pressure Resistance

Hand tool surface preparation
maximum service pressure 0.47 (12mm) thickness cured resin 72.5psi (5bar)

Mechanical surface preparation
maximum service pressure 0.59 (15mm) thickness cured resin 145psi (10bar)

Abrasive blast clean surface preparation
maximum service pressure 0.79″ (20mm) thickness cured resin 218psi (15bar)

Heat Resistance

Suitable for use in operating conditions at temperatures up to 250°F (120°C)

Food Contact

USDA compliant for incidental food contact.


Approved for contact with potable water by WRAS (UK) BS6920

Approved by BUREAU VERITAS for Surface Protection and Cold Repair Products applied to Marine Vessels.

Certificate No: 55258/AO BV

Expiry: 24th March 2024

Chemical Resistance

The product resists attack by a wide variety of inorganic acids, alkali’s, salts and organic media.

For more detailed information refer to the PES Technical Center for advice.


All Polymeric Engineered Solutions Products are supplied under the scope of the company’s fully documented quality system.


Polymeric Engineered Solutions warrants that the performance of the product supplied will conform to the typical descriptions quoted within this specification provided material is stored correctly and used according to the procedures detailed in the Technical Data Sheet for the material.

Health and Safety

Please ensure good practice is observed at all times during the mixing and application of this product. Protective gloves and other recommended personal protective equipment must be worn during the mixing and application of this product. Before mixing and applying the material please ensure you have read and fully understood the detailed Material Safety Data Sheet.

Legal Notice: The data contained within this Product Specification is furnished for information only and is believed to be reliable at the time of issue. We cannot assume responsibility for results obtained by others over whose methods we have no control. It is the responsibility of the customer to determine the products suitability for use. Polymeric Engineered Solutions accepts no liability arising out of the use of this information or the product described herein.

Plant Equipment & Services is the Master Distributor for all Polymeric Engineered Solutions products (PES). For more information on our 108 Pipe Repair Tape contact us with the link below!

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