PES-206 Ceramic HTA Fluid Performance Capabilities



PES 206 Ceramic HTA Fluid has been specifically developed for application for high temperature conditions up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit. The product is a high performance solvent free two pack epoxy coating which can be applied by spray, brush or roller to a Dry Film Thickness of 30 mil, (750 Microns).

The product when applied to abrasive blast cleaned surface, minimum surface preparation Nace #2 (SA2.5) 3mil (75 micron) angular anchor profile is capable of providing up to 5 years protection to first maintenance when applied to the internal surfaces of chimneys.

Product Performance

The performance of the product is dependent on several factors which are outside of PES including –

  1. Correct surface preparation, minimum Nace#2, 3 mil angular anchor profile.
  2. Integrity of the surface being coated and long term stability. Factors that will affect the performance of the material include subsidence, movement and porosity.
  3. This product must be applied to a clean surface and not onto previously coated surfaces.
  4. Inappropriate practice such as aggressive acids for prolonged periods at elevated temperatures
  5. Immersion or contact with aggressive chemicals not previously stated.
  6. Mechanical damage to the surface of the coating due to changes in the operating environment outside the control of PES.

Maintenance Procedures

For the material to meet the expectations of the customer the following maintenance procedures must be followed to ensure the product meets the required design life –

  1. Any changes to the operating environment must be declared in writing to PES, or representative of PES.
  2. The internal surfaces must be inspected on an annual basis with attention paid to mechanical damage and wear.
  3. An inspection report be sent to PES, or representative of PES on an annual basis.
  4. Any mechanical damage due to changes in the operating environment or changes to the substrate must be rectified immediately.

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