PES-CHEM 511 UCEN for Concrete Surfaces

PES-CHEM 511 UCEN is a two component solvent free epoxy novolac coating capable of withstanding immersion and contact with high concentration industrial chemicals.

PES-CHEM 511 UCEN - concrete surface

Our team at PES uses PES-CHEM 511 UCEN to apply chemical resistant anti-slip finish for concrete surfaces and industrial floors. The following is one example where this product was a success for one of our clients.

PES-CHEM 511 UCEN for Concrete Surfaces

Surface Preparation

  • Mechanical:
    • SSPC-SP-13
    • ASTM D4258
    • Abrade with coarse discs
  • Abrasive Clean:
    • SSPC-SP-13
    • ASTM D4258
    • Angled grit


  • Mechanical – Fork lift traffic
  • Abrasive Clean – Fork lift traffic up to 45 ton vehicle

Design Life

  • Mechanical – up to 7 years
  • Abrasive Clean – up to 10 years

PES-CHEM 511 UCEN - concrete surface

PES-CHEM 511 UCEN - concrete surface

A car battery manufacturer required a chemical resistant anti-slip finish to the 50% sulfuric acid intake area.

After using several other coating manufacturers’ products without success, PES-CHEM 511 UCEN was chosen as the preferred coating for all sulfuric acid areas on site.

The contractor applying the coating incorporated a #8 grit alumina oxide aggregate into the coating to give an anti slip finish capable of taking heavy forklift traffic and withstanding the highly concentrated acid.


The following are just a few of the many features of PES-CHEM 511 UCEN:

  • Solvent-free epoxy novolac technology
  • Apply to abrasive blast cleaned metallic surfaces
  • Apply to primed concrete surfaces
  • Withstands immersion and contact with:
    • 98% Sulfuric acid
    • 75% Phosphoric acid
    • 36% Hydrochloric acid
  • Incorporate a #8 grit Alumina oxide aggregate to give a hard wearing chemical resistant anti-slip finish for forklift traffic. Foot traffic can use a finer grit such as #36 – #24 size grit.

For more information about PES 511, don’t hesitate to contact us here at PES Solutions with the link below!

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