PES-CHEM 511 UCEN Product Specifications

PES-Chem 511 UCEN is a high build solvent-free epoxy novalac coating designed to provide outstanding chemical and corrosion protection of steel and concrete structures. The coating is particularly resistant to attack by strong acids including 98% sulphuric acid.



Coal contains a trace element known as sulfur (S). When sulfur is exposed to water (H2O), an acid that is corrosive to carbon steel is created (H2SO4). Water is used as a dust suppressant on coal conveyor belts, and when this moist coal dust builds up around structural steel and is exposed to more moisture in the air (humidity) or fog, an acidic environment is created. 511 UCEN is a great protective coating to defend against this issue. PES 511 UCEN is a two coat system, which comes in grey and red.

Typical Applications

  • Chemical containment areas
  • Tank lining
  • Process vessels
  • Chemical drains and channels
  • Internal pipe surfaces
  • Sumps



  • Base: Highly structured thixotropic liquid
  • Activator: Amber liquid
  • Mixed: Thixotropic liquid

Mixing Ratio

  • By weight: 4:1
  • By volume: 3:1


  • Base: 1.41
  • Activator: 1.02
  • Mixed: 1.32

Solids content

  • 100%

Sag Resistance

  • Nil at 20 mils


PES-CHEM 511 UCEN must be applied as a 2-coat system to properly prepared surfaces.

Brush, roller or spray applications:

The material should be applied in two coats at a thickness of 16-20 mils WFT per coat.

At 16-20 mils PES-CHEM 511 UCEN will have a theoretical coverage rate of 21-27ft2 per liter per coat.

Cure Times

The applied material should be allowed to harden for the times indicated below before being subjected to the conditions indicated:

Usable life

  • 50°F – 50 minutes
  • 68°F – 25 minutes
  • 86°F – 12 minutes
  • 104°F – 6 minutes

Minimum overcoating time

  • 50°F – 8 hours
  • 68°F – 4 hours
  • 86°F – 2 hours
  • 104°F – 1 hour

Maximum overcoating time

  • 50°F – 24 hours
  • 68°F – 12 hours
  • 86°F – 6 hours
  • 104°F – 3 hours

Water/sea water immersion

  • 50°F – 8 days
  • 68°F – 4 days
  • 86°F – 2 days
  • 104°F – 1 day

Chemical immersion

  • 50°F – 14 days
  • 68°F – 4 days
  • 86°F – 3.5 days
  • 104°F –  1.75 days

Storage life

5 years if unopened and stored in normal dry conditions (59-86°F)

Mechanical Properties

Abrasion Resistance

  • Taber CS17 Wheels/1 Kg load
  • 138mg loss/1000 cycles
  • 0.18cc loss/1000 cycles

Tensile Shear Adhesion

Tensile Shear Adhesion to ASTM D1002 on abrasive blasted mild steel with 3 mil profile 2950 psi (208 kg/cm2)

Comprehensive strength

  • Tested to ASTM D 695
  • 13950psi (984kg/cm2)

Corrosion Resistance

  • Tested to ASTM B117
  • Minimum 5000 hours

Flexural Strength

  • Tested to ASTM D790
  • 12300 psi (871kg/cm2)

Heat Distortion

  • Tested to ASTM D648 at 264psi fiber stress.
  • 68°F Cure – 125°F
  • 212°F Cure – 167°F


  • Shore D to ASTM D2240
  • 85

Heat Resistance

Suitable for use in immersed conditions at temperatures up to 140°F. Resistant to dry heat up to 392°F dependent on load.

Chemical Resistance

The product resists attack by a wide variety of inorganic acids, alkalis, salts and organic media including:


Typical Chemicals Maximum immersion Temperature
Acetic Acid 10% 86°F
Ammonia Hydroxide 30% 113°F
Benzene 100% 95°F
Butanol 100% 104°F
Chromic Acid 10% 104°F
De-ionised Water 104°F
Ethanol 100% 113°F
Hydrobromic Acid 40% 86°F
Hydrochloric Acid 36% 95°F
Nitric Acid 10% 86°F
Phosphoric Acid 75% 113°F
Steam out 356°F
Sulphuric Acid 98% 104°F
Toluene 100% 104°F
Xylene 100% 104°F

For more detailed information refer to the PES Technical Center for advice.


All PES Products are supplied under the scope of the company’s fully documented quality system.


PES warrants that the performance of the product supplied will confirm to the typical descriptions quoted within this specification provided material is stored correctly and used according to the procedures detailed in the Technical Data Sheet for the material.

Health and Safety

Please ensure good practice is observed at all times during the mixing and application of this product. Protective gloves and other recommended personal protective equipment must be worn during the mixing and application of this product. Before mixing and applying the material please ensure you have read and fully understood the detailed Material Safety Data Sheet.

Legal Notice: The data contained within this Product Specification is furnished for information only and is believed to be reliable at the time of the issue. We cannot assume responsibility for results obtained by others over whose methods we have no control. It is the responsibility of the customer to determine the products suitability for use. PES accepts no liability arising out of the use of this information on the product described herein.


For more information about PES 511, don’t hesitate to contact us here at PES Solutions with the link below!

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