PES-Chem 554 RB Membrane









Solvent Based Membrane Protection


PES-Chem 554 RB Membrane

PES-Chem 554 RB Membrane is a rubberized acrylic system which is ideal for protecting manual and Hydroblasted steel surfaces prone to corrosion, UV degradation and ponding water. The system is designed to be applied in 2 coats and once cured, will offer a water impermeable barrier on steel or concrete surfaces. The product can be applied by brush, roller or standard airless spray and will offer long term UV stable corrosion protection.


Features of the product include —

  • Simple to use high build protection
  • Applied to water jetted surfaces
  • Application by brush, roller, or spray
  • Seamless UV stable lining
  • Shower resistant in 15 minutes

Benefits to the user include —

  • Long term protection of key assets
  • Less downtime of key assets
  • Eradicates the use of messy abrasives for surface preparation

Typical Applications Include —

  • External tank surfaces, structural steel and concrete




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