Protective Coatings for Secondary Containment Liners

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Coatings for secondary containment are highly recommended to control chemical corrosion. Protective systems to safeguard our environment from hazardous materials and chemical waste are demanded by government agencies, concerned corporations and individuals. Whatever your condition, PES Solutions has a chemical resistant system for all your containment needs.

Secondary Containment Liners

The EPA’s SPCC (Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure) regulations require most companies in the U.S. to put in place plans that ensure containment and other countermeasures to prevent oil spills that could reach navigable waters. Facilities such as aircraft deicing areas, landfills, dike areas around fuel storage tanks in airports and refineries all must anticipate spills and have means of containing them.

Tank Coatings and Liners

As mentioned in our previous article, The Importance of of Secondary Containment Protective Coatings, corrosive environments are also a huge factor with secondary containment, thus the importance of having protective coatings to protect your container from being damaged. Heavy traffic and weather elements can cause damage to secondary containment areas if they are not properly coated.

PES Solutions offers PES-Chem 501 and 511, as well as many other options which are ideal for applications where deterioration and damage may result to secondary containment areas due to environmental conditions. Installations of protective coatings can often be achieved in a single day, with return to service within the 24 hours of completion. This is because our protective coatings are capable of being applied in thicknesses of up to 100 mils [2.5 mm] in a single pass with no appreciable sagging.

Advantages of Protective Coatings for Liners

Protective coatings are often used as a protective material for secondary containment tanks and structures. Our protective coatings offer excellent adhesion to properly prepared surfaces. PES-Chem 501 and 511 combine high tensile strength and elongation properties with low permeability and high impact resistance, making them great where a tough, flexible (or hard) liner is needed.


PES Solutions solves complex problems through our extensive technological expertise, product lines and service capabilities. We offer products and services designed for effective performance in corrosive environments. We guarantee we have a product that will work for any of your secondary containment needs. Contact us with the link below for more information or to get your secondary containment protective coating today.


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