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Common Types and the Benefits of Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is one of the most common and versatile types of coatings that we apply at Plant, Equipment and Services. Our ceramic coating process feeds a variety of ceramic material compositions to create high quality coatings that enhance performance … Continue reading

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PES 512 Chemical Protection and Product Specification

PES-CHEM 512 UCEN 194 is a high build solvent-free epoxy coating designed for immersion conditions in aggressive industrial chemicals at elevated temperatures. The two component product is highly resistant to 98% sulfuric acid at 167°F, 75% Sulfuric Acid at 194°F … Continue reading

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Pneumatic Pipe Repair Coating

PES Solutions can repair pneumatic pipe leaks using our PES 182 coating on the pipe from clamp to clamp. We use a two component composite system for protecting and repairing substrates against fine particulate abrasion and erosion. The system is … Continue reading

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Benefits of In Situ Lining

Using epoxy coatings and epoxy-coated structural liners offers many benefits, including saving both time and money over traditional pipe repairs. Damaged or deteriorating pipe systems can be expensive to replace, especially those that are located in hard-to-reach locations or inaccessible … Continue reading

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PES-Solutions: High Temperature Protection

Polymeric Engineered Solutions High Temperature Resistance coatings are capable of withstanding continuous immersion conditions up to 266 degrees Fahrenheit. The products have been specifically developed to withstand aggressive operating environments where corrosion and abrasion at elevated temperatures can cause premature … Continue reading

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