The Importance of Secondary Containment Protective Coatings


Coatings for secondary containment are highly recommended to control chemical corrosion. Protective systems to safeguard our environment from hazardous materials and chemical waste are demanded by government agencies, concerned corporations and individuals. Whatever your condition, PES Solutions has a chemical resistant system for all your containment needs.

Corrosive Environments

The corrosive environments in secondary containment areas vary widely in demands they make on protective coating systems. For example, chlorinated solvents may not be effective in a system that resists concentrated acids. Areas where heavy traffic or mechanical abuse is susceptible require a solution different from areas that are not subject to traffic. Material selection is also affected by substrate condition. Crack bridging systems and techniques are required to repair and maintain the structure of concrete movement and cracking. If there is damage to non durable concrete then there is another type of material used to restore structural integrity.

Our Protective Coating Services

The key component of any secondary containment system is the protective coating/lining. There is a special corrosive control product solution to provide for any desired secondary containment area. Here at PES Solutions we have expertise service in secondary containment coatings using our products — PES-Chem 501 and 511. Here is a before and after picture of our coating service:


For more information on secondary containment, read our previous article Secondary Containment and Why You Need It.

PES Solutions solves complex problems through our extensive technological expertise, product lines and service capabilities. We offer products and services designed for effective performance in corrosive environments. We guarantee we have a product that will work for any of your secondary containment needs. Contact us with the link below for more information or to get your secondary containment protective coating today.


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