Cooling Towers Cleaning Maintenance for Winter

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An ideal environment is provided by cooling towers for the growth and incubation of many organisms, including the Legionella bacteria. This problem is exacerbated by periods of non-use (winter lay-up). A consistent biocide program can reduce the risks, but it is ideal to clean a cooling tower at least twice a year. All cooling towers should be thoroughly disinfected at a minimum of twice per year, according to the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Technical Manual. Here are a few winter cleaning and maintenance tips to ensure your cooling tower remains safe during this season.

Cooling Tower Fan Housing Cleaning and Maintenance

The fan housing should be scrubbed and disinfected thoroughly. This is an area that is common for problems, as chemical treatment cannot always prevent bacteria from getting a strong hold in these areas. Condensation can form as a result of vapors from the air and biological growth can be challenging to remove with traditional on-line treatment programs. This area should be cleaned and disinfected to prevent the spread of airborne pathogens and minimizing the risk of corrosion.

Cooling Tower Basin Cleaning and Maintenance

In addition to cleaning and maintenance of cooling tower fan housings, tower basins should be cleaned and disinfected as well. These large volume areas are extremely crucial as they see a significant amount of the cooling water. This area pools and allows bacteria to grow. Also, this water is tempered, oxygen rich and allows for a great breeding ground for biological activity. Cleaning and disinfecting, as well as adding the proper chemicals to the end or start up of your cooling season can only enhance your overall water treatment program.

Cooling Tower Distribution Pan Cleaning and Maintenance

The cooling tower distribution pan can sometimes become clogged with debris that is not removed from the system through normal filtration. These areas should be opened and cleaned to provide increased water flow. Decreased flow from clogged distributors can reduce the tower ability to cool water significantly. If left untreated, this can result in tremendous increases in energy usage.

Our Services

PES is licensed by the state of Texas to do work with cooling towers. We offer services to assist in maintaining your cooling tower, and ultimately expanding the life of the tower. We offer products such as PES 501 and PES 570 which can seal leaks. Preventing leaks is extremely important, especially in Texas around the summer time when the temperatures are warmer. This is because mosquitoes are bad during this time of year and are drawn to this type of environment. And with the increased number of cases of such viruses as the Zika Virus and West Nile, it is extremely important to prevent leaks within your cooling tower.

Here is an example of a service we did for a customer who has a concrete cooling tower in which the joints that were constructed when built had cracks and coating had failed. Finally, after 17 years of leaking, this client asked us to help solve their problem. After providing our coatings, this is the first year since the cooling tower cell was brought online that it has not leaked. The client has now written a contract for us to coat the remaining 3 cells of their cooling tower.

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Properly cleaning and maintaining your cooling tower during the winter is crucial to avoid bacteria growth and ensure the safety of your employees. For more information about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us with the link below!


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