PES 507 for Cross Flow Metal Cooling Towers

PES-Solutions offers many cross flow metal cooling towers services for our clients. We can inspect your cross flow metal cooling tower, make recommendations about improvements to extend the life of your investment and make modifications that allow for more efficiency and easier maintenance. In addition, our team can install a flexible, chemical resistant coating that will last 10-15 years, extending the life of your equipment.

Galvanized Steel Can Rust

Cross flow metal cooling towers serves the HVAC industry all over. Some are made with stainless steel, but most are made of Galvanized Steel. Unlike the Galvanized Steel of the 1960-1970’s, the plated galvanized steel of the 21st century dose not hold up long to the conditions needed to last in today’s HVAC cooling tower environment, with chemicals being added to the water to counter issues in this environment. Acids for PH treatment, Biocides, chlorine and other chemicals at 90-100°F temperatures create corrosion on these galvanized panels. This causes rust to form which clogs strainers, filters and plugging tubes in condensers of chillers.

Trapped Dirt and Debris

Another issue with these type of cooling towers is that the PVC fill material usually rest on or just above the top of the cold water basin. This traps dirt and debris on the floor of the cold water basin, which in return, helps expedite the environment for further corrosion.

What PES-Solutions Can Do For You

Over the years, PES-Solutions has helped pioneer a piece of equipment we call A Lone Star Saw that we use to cut the bottom 5 to 5.5 inches of the fill away, giving enough room to abrasive blast the cold water basin. We know that losts of dirt, feathers, paper and all kinds of trash-pollution can get blown into the fill. With the removal of the lower portion of fill, dirt, and debris, it is easier to remove with just a garden hose during annual maintenance. We also repair the holes under the fill, as well as repair any panel joints that might be leaking. Lastly, we coat with 2 coats of PES 507 the area below the fill, which is a 2 part 100 percent solids Urethane.

After Fill Cut by PES A Lone Star Saw

Cold Water Basin Coated with 2nd Coat of Blue PES 507

Putting Cooling Tower Back into Services

Are you looking for services for your cross flow metal cooling tower? Don’t hesitate to contact PES-Solutions with the link below for more information!


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